Shovel head or Evolution ignition wiring diagram

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First, a wiring diagram of the point ignition method is shown

Wiring is very simple. At the point contact, electricity is turned on and off.

I am writing a wiring diagram of full transistor ignition for Shovel head and early evolution.Purple wiring is connected to the module for early evolution.The purple wiring is the wiring of VOES.

It is the wiring of this wiring diagram from 1991 to 1995. The 7pin type connector is used.Once this type of connector is available, you can also use a module with 7 pin connector on the shovelhead. The module for the evolution is different from the shovel head for the ignition timing and it is a high speed type. The module for the screaming eagle is relatively easy to get, so you can run the shovelhead faster.

Finally, I wrote a wiring diagram when using a module with an 8-pin type connector. Although it is an 8-pin type connector, it uses only 7 pins. In the 7-pin connector, it was changed to 8-pin connector because there is concern about water intrusion. The 8-pin connector is made of Deutsch.

Since these sentences are translated by automatic translation, there may be times when you make a mistake

「いいね!」代わりにクリックしてね ==> にほんブログ村 バイクブログ ハーレーダビッドソンへ

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